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School-Enterprise Cooperation Conspire Development Gaorun becomes appointed practice ba

Students from Department of Physics finished their 2 days visiting and practice in the Gaorun company since April.19th to 20th ,2018.  Secretary Mrs. SunDeFeng and Dean Mr. LiuJun had meeting and appoint Gaorun as practice base for Department of Physics, Suzhou University.
Respond the call from Chinese government about intensive cooperation between school and enterprise and fully develop the advantage of both parties, Gaorun and Suzhou university build practice base under collective efforts. It will train more high quality and highly skilled applied talents for enterprises. At the same time, students will have more space for practice , training and employment.
Talent training is the key for enterprise development. Cooperations between school and enterprise offer good platform for enterprise, which also be benefit for both parties and meet social trend and demand.
Strategically cooperation is win-win and open new situation for human resource.
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